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The MEEC offers educational visits for grades 3-5 (programming for other grade levels is under development). These include morning or afternoon programs with curricula that are tailored to the Next Generation Science Standards for each grade level. Below are a few examples of the topics covered. For specific details about the various programs and topics available, please contact us.

Sample Curriculum:

  1. How do sea turtle beaks define what they eat?
  2. Match the appropriate sea turtle replica skull with the food item it eats.
  3. Talk about differences in body size, location found, size and shape of head and beak, esophageal papillae.
  1. Boat Strikes
  2. Marine Debris
  3. Fibropapillomatosis
  4. Beachfront Lighting
  5. Loss of habitat
  6. Natural predators
  1. Species of the world VS. those found off of Florida’s coast
  2. Where to sea turtles live?
  3. What other habitats do they use?
  4. Who else lives in these habitats?
  5. What activities are affecting these habitats?
  6. How do we help protect these environments?
  1. Skull differences
  2. Identifying by scute design
  3. Flippers vs. limbs
  4. Body shape
  5. Respiratory system
  6. Circulatory system
  7. Digestive system
  8. Eyes and eyelid
  9. Epibiota
  1. What to feed a turtle
  2. Water quality
  3. How turtles heal? Why?
  4. What else is needed for care?
  1. History of Florida beaches
  2. Why dunes are important
  3. Who else uses the dune environment?