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Biostatistics I

Course Numbers: OCOR - 5603 and BCOR - 5570

This is an introductory statistical course for marine biology/oceanographic science majors.
The course will introduce elementary methods for presenting biological data in summary
form, analyzing biological data, and designing experiments. It is not a mathematics course
and so will not stress derivations of formulae but, rather, will emphasize the application of
statistical ideas and methods to the analysis and interpretation of biological experiments
and comparative data. The student will be able to assess a situation involving data analysis,
state the null and alternative hypotheses proposed, decide on the correct statistical
procedure to test the null hypothesis and the assumptions of the test used, calculate the
statistic, assess its statistical significance, and interpret the data in light of the calculated

Learning Objectives

Students will:


Wheater, P.C. & Cook, P.A. (2000). Using Statistics to Understand the Environment. Routledge. ISBN 0‐415‐19888‐7

Winter 2016 Syllabus

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