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Integrated Coastal Zone Management

Course Number: CZMT - 6440, CZMT - 0795, and MEVS - 5240

Currently, most of humanity (60%) lives in coastal regions and migration to the coast continues. More than 75% of the entire global population is expected to live within 100 km of a coast by 2025. The long-term ecological health and sustainability of the marine and coastal environments are greatly at risk. Coastal projects such as beach renourishment, housing developments, and pipe-line, harbor and marina construction can have negative impacts on the coastal environmental resources that must be minimized and often mitigated. Further, global warming, and the associated rise in sea-level presents serious problems for coastal communities. The question is how to manage the diverse coastal environment for sustainability for all stakeholders; the answer is integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM).

Learning Objective

This course will:



Winter 2014 Syllabus