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Marine Biodiversity

Course Number: CZMT - 0685, OCMB - 6315, MEVS - 5107, and BCOR - 5560

Globally, biodiversity is being dramatically altered by human activities. This is especially evident in the marine environment. Because many species remain undiscovered, and ecological roles of existing species are poorly understood, the magnitude of these changes is difficult to evaluate. This course will discuss multiple aspects of marine biodiversity including: definition and importance of marine biodiversity to marine conservation issues; threats to marine biodiversity including non‐indigenous species introductions; impediments to marine conservation; scientific constraints; developing tools and forums for conserving marine biodiversity, and evaluating existing marine biodiversity initiatives currently in place and planned. Management approaches such as marine protected areas, no‐take or completely protected reserves, and special management areas will be discussed and evaluated.

Learning Outcomes

The students will:



Fall 2014 Syllabus

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