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Biostatistics I

Course Numbers: OCOR - 5603 and BCOR - 5570

This is a basic course on the practical applications of descriptive and inferential statistics. Emphasis will be on the presentation of statistical theory, and the methodology of summarizing and analyzing biological data. It is designed for students who have never had a statistics course in college. (Students who have previously had statistics in college should plan on taking OCOR‐5606: Biostatistics‐II.) The use of software to facilitate computations will be presented. Specifically, statistical analysis utilizing Microsoft Excel® and PHStat2.5 for Excel® will be used in class. Measures of central tendency, dispersion, and variability testing will be discussed along with basic concepts of probability, continuous distributions, confidence intervals, one‐sample and two‐sample hypothesis testing.

Learning Objectives

Students will:


Wheater, P.C. & Cook, P.A. (2000). Using Statistics to Understand the Environment. Routledge. ISBN 0‐415‐19888‐7

Winter 2014 Syllabus