Daniel P. Fahy, M.S.

Research Assistant
Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences
(954) 262-3670



Gilliam (Coral Assessment and Restoration Lab)

Major Professor

Richard E. Spieler, PhD

Area(s) of Research

Chondrichthyan anatomy, life history and reproduction, maternal-embryonic trophic relationships and development of viviparous fishes, fish ecology and physiology, coral reef ecology and restoration.

Fahy, D.P., Spieler, R.E. & Hamlett, W.C. (2007).
Preliminary observations on the reproductive cycle and uterine fecundity of the yellow stingray, Urobatis jamaicensis (Elasmobranchii: Myliobatiformes: Urolophidae) in southeast Florida, U.S.A. The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology, Supplement 14: 131-139.

Fahy, D.P. (2004).
Diel activity patterns, space utilization, seasonal distribution and population structure of the yellow stingray, Urobatis jamaicensis (Cuvier, 1870) in South Florida with comments on reproduction. (MS Thesis) Nova Southeastern University Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography, Dania Beach, Florida, 120p.

Fahy, E.G., Dodge, R.E., Fahy, D.P., Quinn, T.P., Gilliam, D.S. & Spieler, R.E. (2006).
Growth and survivorship of scleractian coral transplants and the effectiveness of plugging core holes in transplant donor colonies. Proceedings of the 10th International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS), June 28 ­ July 2, 2004, Okinawa, Japan, pp. 1657-1664.

Gilliam, D.S., Walker, B.K., Saelens, S.J., Fahy, D.P. & Kosmynin, V.N. (2010).
Recovery of injured giant barrel sponges, Xestospongia muta, offshore southeast Florida. Proceedings of the 11th International Coral Reef Symposium, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 7-11 July 2008, pp. 1235-1239.

Spieler, R.E., Fahy, D.P., Sherman, R.L., Sulikowski, J.A. & Quinn, T.P. (accepted). The yellow stingray, Urobatis jamaicensis (Chondrichthyes: Urotrygonidae): a synoptic review. Journal of Caribbean Science.