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Judith Slapak-Barski

Judith Slapak-Barski
Instructional Technology and Design Specialist
(954) 262-3639

Primary Responsibilities

As an Instructional Technology and Design Specialist at Nova Southeastern University, Judith works with subject matter experts to improve the teaching and learning process through student-centered instruction, problem-based learning, and improvement of instruction in all its forms, whether in face-to-face, fully online, or blended environments. Judith specializes in Faculty Development, Online Learning Management Systems, instructional technology, and Teacher Education, among others.

On any typical day Judith's activities may include any or all of the following: working on instructional design projects, teaching a workshop for faculty, helping a professor plan instruction for a course, producing, filming and/or editing an instructional video, conducting program evaluations, organizing faculty meetings, presenting at national and international conferences, collaborating with administration in program development and implementation, and publishing in a variety of media. Those are the main ones, but there are many more!  Now, if you asked her what she enjoys the most? The answer would definitely be helping educators discover a variety of instructional strategies to make each course reflects best practices in adult learning.


Judith holds a Master’s Degree in Education-Instructional Technology, and, since learning is a life-long journey, she is currently a doctoral student at the Abraham S. Fischler College of Education of Nova Southeastern University. Her major is ITDE: Instructional Technology and Distance Education. Judith is looking forward to her upcoming graduation with her doctorate in Instructional Design and Technology.


For the past 25 years, Judith has served as an Instructional Designer, Faculty Trainer, and Teacher Education Specialist. Throughout this period she held several positions at Nova Southeastern University, Broward College, and Miami Dade College, and also in different countries. For most of those years Judith has helped current faculty members and future educators develop effective teaching skills. She has contributed to organizational change focused on maximizing the use of instructional technology in graduate level courses, and has helped faculty design and develop fully online, blended, and face-to-face courses and programs.

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