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Faculty & Staff Profiles

Keri O'Neil

Research Assistant



Coral Histology/Land Based Nursery


B.S. University of Maryland (Biology)

Area(s) of Research

My work is primarily focused on the maintenance and monitoring of our land-based coral nursery, a 2500 gallon aquaculture system where we are culturing fragments of Acropora cervicornis and other stony coral species found in Broward County. One of my current projects is a comparison of growth and survival in offshore and land-based coral nurseries. I am also interested in coral reproduction and larval studies, including using aquaculture techniques to increase settlement and survival rates of sexually produced coral larvae in situations where natural recruitment may be low.


Heidelberg KB, O'Neil KL, Bythell JC, Sebens KP (2010) Vertical distribution and diel patterns of zooplankton abundance and biomass at Conch Reef, Florida Keys (USA). Journal of Plankton Research 32:75-91