Kevin P. Helmle, Ph.D.

Research Scientist
Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences
(954) 262-3656


Area(s) of Research

Coral reef ecology and geology, sclerochronology, and geochemistry

Research areas include the study of annual density banding in coral skeletons using X-radiography and X-ray Computed Tomography (CT). Some reef-building corals can live for hundreds of years. Cores from these corals provide records of growth and calcification rates from the density bands along with records of environmental and climatic change from the geochemistry of the skeleton. Recent projects address limiting controls on coral growth and calcification associated with large-scale influences of climate change and ocean acidification along with local-scale influences of freshwater discharge and coastal development. Field work has included studies of coral skeletal records from southeast Florida and the Florida Keys, the windward islands of the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, and the Cape Verde Islands in the eastern Atlantic.

Current Students

Darren B. Marshall

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