Kristi Foster

Adjunct Faculty
Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences
(954) 262-3600



I teach the following Distance Education courses for the Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography:Intro to Physical Oceanography (Fall semester); Aquatic Invasions, Outbreaks and Diseases (Winter semester); and Environmental Science (Summer semester).I also teach undergraduate courses at Broward College and in Little Cayman.

Areas of Research

I currently conduct research in Little Cayman, home of one of the most diverse coral reef ecosystems in the Caribbean which is subjected to minimal anthropogenic influence My focus is on coral reef ecology, including describing (baseline) environmental conditions, monitoring responses to and recovery from disturbances (e.g. disease, bleaching, outbreaks), and developing population models that project future demographics.

I also participate in scientific data collection in SE Florida, including monitoring hardbottom communities in relation to beach renourishment projects.  This involves hard and soft coral, sponge, zoanthid and macroalgae inventories and measurements.

My PhD research focused on field ecology in high-latitude coral communities in the Arabian Gulf, Gulf of Oman and Broward County.This work is similar to my current Little Cayman efforts.  My MS thesis focused on the responses of Montastraea cavernosa to elevated temperature and reduced light stresses, which included HPLC analysis of zooxanthellae pigments.

My chemical engineering experience includes manufacturing petrochemicals (e.g. Mobil One, jet and auto fuel additives, drilling muds, industrial greases), environmental permit compliance, logistics, and global procurement.

Foster KA et al. (2012). Environmental setting and temporal trends in southeastern Gulf coral communities.  In:  Riegl B & Purkis S (eds),  Coral Reefs of the Gulf: Adaptations to Climatic Extremes, Coral Reefs of the World, Vol 3, 51-70.

Foster KA et al. (2011). Shifts in coral community structures following cyclone and red tide disturbances within the Gulf of Oman (United Arab Emirates). Marine Biology; 158: 955-968

Tourenq C, Shuriqi MK, Foster K et al. (2008). First record of a Bowmouth Guitarfish, Rhina ancylostoma, in northern Oman, with an up-date on the status of elasmobranchs (sharks and rays) in the United Arab Emirates. Zoology in the Middle East; 44: 114-118

Tourenq C, Shuriqi MK, Foster G, Foster K et al.(2007) Note on Elasmobranches (sharks and rays) of UAE and Musandam, Oman, with special mention of Bowmouth Guitarfish or Shark Ray (Rhina ancylostoma). Tribulus, Journal of the Emirates Natural History Group, 17: 63-69