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Faculty & Staff

Matt Johnston

Research Scientist, Scientific Computer Programmer


Primary Responsibilities

I am responsible for maintenance of custom software packages currently in use by researchers and staff at the Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography including CPCe (Coral Point Count with Excel Extensions).  I also develop and maintain several websites including the shark tracking web portal for the Guy Harvey Research Institute and the Global Invertebrate Genomics Alliance website .

Area(s) of Research

I am particularly interested in invasive species and their patterns of invasion in their introduced environments.  I have developed and am currently enhancing a predictive model based on the lionfish invasion in the western Atlantic and Caribbean region.

Johnston MW, Purkis SJ (in revision) Lionfish in the eastern Pacific; a cellular automaton approach to assessing invasion risk. Biological Invasions

GIGA Scientists. Global Invertebrate Genome Alliance (GIGA): Developing Community Resources to Study Diverse Invertebrates. (2013) Journal of Heredity, 2014:105(1):1-18. doi:10.1093/jhered/est084

Johnston, M.W., Purkis, S.J. (2013) Modeling the potential spread of the recently identified non-native panther grouper (Chromileptes altivelis) in the Atlantic using a cellular automaton approach. PLoS one. 8(9).

Johnston, M.W., Purkis, S.J. (2012) Invasionsoft: A web - enabled tool for invasive species colonizationpredictions.Aquatic Invasions 7(3), 405–417.

Johnston, M.W., Purkis, S.J. (2011) Spatial analysis of the invasion of lionfish in the western Atlantic and Caribbean. Marine Pollution Bulletin 62 (6), 1218-1226.