Nicole D. Fogarty, Ph.D.

Nicole Fogarty

Assistant Professor
Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences
(954) 262-3630


Area(s) of research:

My lab focuses on ecological and evolutionary questions related to the fertilization success of broadcast spawners. We are particularly interested in how density dependent mechanisms of reproduction will influence invertebrate population recovery, as well as spawning synchrony, reproductive isolation, and speciation.  Previous research projects have been conducted in the following areas: coral hybridization, pre- and postzygotic isolating mechanisms in corals, polyspermy in sea urchin and corals, clonal structure of corals, the genetics and pheromones involved in corals spawning synchrony, threatened coral demographics, exogenous hormones and pollutants on sea urchin fertilization and larval viability, coral settlement under a variety salinity regimes, natural settlement in the Dry Tortugas, coral chimeras, and the use of fluorescence in coral recruit detection.

Dr. Fogarty has obtained funding from National Science Foundation, NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program, Florida State Wildlife Grant, Mote Marine Laboratory Protect Our Reef Grant, Nova Southeastern University President’s Faculty Research & Development Grant, the National Geographic Society, the Smithsonian Institution's Marine Science Network, the Smithsonian Institution Walcott Endowment, the American Academy of Underwater Science, the PADI Foundation Research Scholarship, PADI Aware, the Florida State University International Dissertation Research Fellowship, the Florida State University Short Scholarship, the Florida State University Bennison Scholarship, the Florida State University Gramling Award in Marine Biology, and the Lerner-Gray Marine Research Scholarship.

PUBLICATIONS and REPORTS (ORCID # 0000-0003-3811-3791)  H-index = 9

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