Steffen W. Schmidt

Research Scientist and Adjunct
Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences
(954) 262-3600


Area(s) of Research

Book: American Government and Politics Today: 2013-2014, (20 th Edition)

Book: Coastal Issues and Coastal Solutions, with S. Paul Schmidt, forth coming 2013

Book: The Silent Crime: What You Need to Know About Identity Theft, with
Michael McCoy, 2008.

The Environmental Protection Agency, "and" the Federal Maritime Commission,
"in, Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy, David Schultz
Editor, FOF Publication.

"Distance Education 2010: A Virtual Space Odyssey", in Teaching With Technology:
Rethinking Tradition,
 Information Today, Inc., Ed. by Les Lloyd

Digital DVD's

"Forecasting the Coastal Future: Policy Issues for the 21 st Century" 60 min

"Marine Debris Science; Flotsam and Jetsam as Tools for Coastal Zone Management"
60 min