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Course Wizard enables students to browse and search course information: class dates, times, and locations; course descriptions; instructor names; book requirements; syllabi; exam dates, etc.

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Institutional Policies


ALL students will be required to complete a Student Enrollment Agreement (SEA) form in order to register for classes. The SEA requires students to agree with NSU standards and policies regarding course registration and withdrawal, financial responsibility, a release of liability, and more. Students registering for courses will be prompted to complete the form as part of the registration process on Sharklink and WebStar.

To complete the SEA, follow the steps below once registration has opened:

  • Log in to SharkLink.
  • Click on "My Academics" on the left navigation.
  • In the "I would like to..." section on the top right, select "Registration - Add/Drop/SEA."
  • After selecting the appropriate term, you will be presented with the SEA.

AGAIN ALL Students must complete the SEA or course registration will not occur.
For more information, please see the Registrar's FAQs.


Any employees who need to register may now utilize an online Student Transaction Form instead of submitting a paper form to the program office.  These forms are received by the Registrar's office and are processed faster than the paper forms.

Registration Questions

For assistance with adding, dropping, or withdrawing from a course, please contact the Program Office ( The Program Office can also be of assistance for questions regarding registration deadlines, WebSTAR access, registration holds, class schedules and locations, prerequisite requirements, and special needs.

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