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M.S. Programs


The goal of the Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography's Masters of Science Degree Programs is to provide a scientifically-based, credible, holistic and timely introduction and knowledge of key ecological and socio-environmental issues.

Students can complete a degree program in a minimum of 2 years of full-time study and a maximum 5 years of part-time study.

On campus graduate classes are held in both morning and evening format and typically meet one to two times per week. Exceptions are field courses which may entail several days of intensive study or weekend field trips. Online courses meet periodically at the convenience of faculty and students.

Degree Offerings

There are two M.S. degree programs offered: 

M.S. Biological Sciences      M.S. Marine Science

Learning Outcomes

  • Effective communication skills,
  • A full understanding of the scientific method,
  • A generalized knowledge in ecological, geological, chemical and biological concepts as they relate to the environment.
  • A generalized knowledge of the natural and human-driven problems currently, and anticipated to, impact the marine environment.
  • In-depth knowledge of a specific aspect of their major

Course Information

Students can access current course schedules, syllabi, and book information by using Course Wizard. Course Wizard enables students to browse and search course information: class dates, times, and locations; course descriptions; instructor names; book requirements; and syllabi etc. 

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