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Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography
8000 North Ocean Drive
Dania Beach, FL 33004

Build a Rewarding Career in Health Studies, Biological Sciences, or Marine Sciences

Whether your passion takes you to the sea or keeps you grounded and working with people, Nova Southeastern University’s Halmos College of Natural Sciences offers you several master’s programs (including M.S. degrees) to help you reach your goals and grow your career.

In all our master’s programs you’ll learn key concepts through a hands-on curriculum taught by professors who are passionate about the environment, health, and biology. Many are active researchers, studying everything from coral reef restoration and marine biodiversity to comparative genomics and infectious diseases. As faculty-mentors they’ll guide you to success. You will have the opportunity to dive deep into research and work with advanced technologies applicable to the real world.

Learn to become a critical thinker, gain a competitive advantage, and get the advanced skills you need to become a leader in your field.  

Master’s Programs in Biology and Health

There's never been a more exciting time to be a biologist. With the urgency surrounding current health and environmental issues, graduates of biological science related master’s programs are highly sought after. Our Master of Science (M.S.) programs build on basic foundational skills to provide you with an advanced education in biology and health. You’ll participate in interdisciplinary study and research to solve challenges that are related to a wide variety of disciplines. Once you’ve completed this program, you’ll be qualified to pursue graduate or doctoral programs or achieve professional advancement in a variety of career settings.

Master's in Biology

Enhance your research skills while tackling important issues related to a specific topic of biology. This degree program is a Master of Science in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Research. Your contributions will help advance the community of knowledge and action.

Master’s in Health Studies

Pursue your passion for health care with this high-demand degree. This degree program is a Master of Science (M.S.) in Biological Sciences with concentration in Health Studies. It will prepare you with a firm knowledge of health studies for a future career in any health care profession.  

Learn about the M.S. in Biological Sciences

Master’s Programs in Marine Science  

What better place to advance your education in marine science than at a university with an entire campus and marina devoted to the field? As a graduate student in NSU’s Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences (DoMES) you’ll dive deep into the study of marine systems and be exposed to a wide variety of special topics, including everything from shark research to coral reef conservation. You’ll have access to both dry and wet laboratories, as well as the same advanced tools and equipment being used in the real world. As a graduate of the marine sciences master’s programs, you’ll be prepared for advanced roles in education, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and more.

Master’s in Marine Biology

Dive into deeper waters with an M.S. in Marine Science with a concentration in Marine Biology. This program is designed to foster your passion for research in marine organisms and their behaviors within the natural environment.

Master’s in Coastal Zone Management

Learn how to protect and help restore coastal communities for a future career in government agencies and organizations that affect coastal zones or its resources. This program is for people seeking an M.S. in Marine Science degree with a concentration in Coastal Zone Management.

Master’s in Marine Environmental Science

Study the human impact on diverse marine environments and help make a difference in the world. This multi-disciplinary degree is an M.S. in Marine Science with a concentration in Marine Environmental Science and it offers you many opportunities for job advancement.

Learn about the M.S. in Marine Sciences


Why A Master’s Degree from NSU’s Halmos College?

NSU's Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography prioritizes a passion for advancing research and education in all aspects of biology, health, and marine sciences. Our faculty encourage innovation by fostering knowledge and critical thinking: all essential to your success in today’s rapidly changing global ecosystem. Here are a few reasons why NSU might be right for you:

  • You’ll have opportunities to study at the NSU Ocean Campus which includes the Guy Harvey Oceanographic Center, a $50 million, environmentally friendly facility with multiple laboratories.
  • Your professors are renowned experts in their fields. All have published articles in peer-reviewed literature. Many are called upon for advice by government agencies and media sources.
  • You’ll be challenged to solve real-world problems affecting our environment. Depending on your choice, you’ll graduate with a strong portfolio (emphasizing research or applied knowledge in the field) that you can use to advance your career or start fresh.
  • Your classes have flexibility, with many on-campus or online courses, allowing you to balance work and family needs.
  • You’ll use state-of-the-art software to develop your skills and gain a competitive advantage in the workforce.
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