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Class of 2019 - Highlights

Juliet Akkaoui – Researcher at NSU College of Dental Medicine

Alma Alfarra – Touro College of Dental Medicine, New York

Jodie Chong – Junior Chemist; Private Industry

Carina Grand – NSU College of Optometry

Andrea Tovar – University-level adjunct biology faculty

Featured Department of Biological Sciences Alumni
Alma Alfarra
Alma Alfarra

As a freshman in undergraduate school, I knew I wanted a career option that was biology-based and provided ample opportunities for empathetic human connection. Through researching various healthcare professions and shadowing, I developed a deep interest in dentistry. However, I knew my courses in professional school were only going to become more challenging than the courses I took in undergraduate school. To bridge the chasm, I decided to apply for the Masters of Biological Sciences program. This program has not only strengthened my science background, but also allowed me to discover and experiment with efficient styles of studying. Furthermore, the healthcare field is highly competitive. Acquiring a master’s degree has strengthened my dental school application, provided me with several interview invitations, and an acceptance to Touro College of Dental Medicine in New York. All-in-all, I am extremely excited to continue down my path to dentistry and I believe that the Master’s of Biological Sciences program has helped me achieve my goals.

Carina Grand
Carina Grand

For as long as I can remember I have had a love for optometry. Growing up with my grandparents, who are both practicing optometrists, provided me with the exposure and experience to realize that optometry was the profession I wanted to pursue. During my senior year at NSU I knew that I wanted to strengthen my application and academic background to make the transition into optometry school a successful one. I applied to the Masters in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Health Studies program, and it has exposed me to courses such as neuroscience, immunobiology, and pathophysiology- which I never had the chance to take during my time as an undergraduate. By expanding my knowledge in courses I will have to take again- such as anatomy- and exposing me to the deeper level of understanding required in graduate school, this program has built my confidence heading into optometry school. During this program I decided to apply to optometry school and have received an acceptance to Midwestern University Chicago College of Optometry. I am thankful that the master’s degree in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Health Studies has given me an edge and confidence in accomplishing my goal of becoming an optometrist.

Sunil Patel by Sunil H. Patel
Sunil Patel

NSU's Biology Program served as a gateway to my career in Osteopathic Medicine and medical profession. It challenged me in various aspects, particularly academically, allowing me to be prepared for rigorous curriculum for medical school ahead. I felt prepared for the first year of medical school. I was also nominated and a recipient of the Barry Goldwater Scholarship, which opened many opportunities when applying to medical school and as well residency programs. What impressed me most was the proximity and closeness of relationship I developed with faculty and other students, creating a life long friendship.

Austin Price by Austin Lawrence Price
Austin Price

Nova did a spectacular job of preparing me for the rigors of medical school. I currently attend Nova’s DO school. I am thoroughly pleased with my undergraduate education at NSU. The friendships I developed and education I received were top notch. The faculty includes some of the most caring individuals I have ever met in my life. I am eternally thankful to various teachers including Dr. Jaffe, Dr. Roopnarine, Dr. Schmitt, Dr. Smith, and many, many more for their outstanding level of teaching and the standards that they held me to in this integral stage of my learning and self development.

Veronica Akle by Veronica Akle
Veronica Akle

The biology program at NSU provided me with the foundations to continue with graduate school in the life sciences. What I like the best was the accessibility of the professors. Many of them gave me opportunities to spend summers or entire semesters in their labs learning about the research they did. However, my most valuable experience was meeting outstanding women in science and education that were were important role models to follow. Having someone to look up to is very important, and having the opportunity to see those hard working women having successful careers, beautiful families and prosperous futures was inspiring. My professors at NSU changed my life.

Shannon Aldridge by Shannon Aldridge
Shannon Aldridge

NSU was definitely the best life decision I've made thus far. The small class sizes allowed me to connect with professors in order to thoroughly understand the material as well as expand my professional development. Each new class make connections to previous ones, and the professors made it fun to learn by giving us hands on experiences in laboratories as well as in the field. The travel study programs available were my favorite part of the curriculum, I participated in as many as I could. My plans for the next five years are to continue working at OdySea in order to utilize the funded research to obtain my Masters Degree.

Noemi Bermudez by Noemi Bermudez
Noemi Bermudez

NSU provided me with amazing opportunities to grow as a student and future physician. The Biology program had professors who challenged me in positive ways and a variety of courses to choose from. Professors like Dr. Jaffe and Dr. Loomis provided mentorship along with internship, research, and community service opportunities that prepared me to pursue a career in medicine. When it was time to apply for medical school, it was easy to obtain letters of recommendation from professors who knew me well. The Razor's Edge Leadership Program, Honors Program, President's 64, and extra-curricular activities were also great parts of my experience at NSU. I advise current students to work hard, develop healthy relationships, create healthy habits that promote mental and physical well-being, and have fun!

Jennifer Marrero by Jennifer Marrero
Jennifer Marrero

Nova Southeastern University pushed me to new limits and helped to define who I am today. The education I received from NSU is memorable and defines life-long learning. If it wasn't for attending NSU, I wouldn't be as effective in my day to day activities.

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