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MEEC at the Carpenter House

The Marine Environmental Education Center (MEEC) was opened with the desire to educate and delight locals and tourists alike through our educational green sea turtle, Captain, and the splendor of the coastal environment in South Florida.
The MEEC was fostered from a partnership between Broward County Parks and Recreation and Nova Southeastern University. The facility is located on the historic grounds of the Carpenter House at Hollywood North Beach Park in Hollywood, Florida. For more information about the historic property, visit

The site features our very own green turtle, as well as an interactive Interpretive Center with displays ranging on topics from sea turtle conservation to marine debris. Additionally, we offer programs for the public on various coastal ecology and sea turtle topics, as well as programming specifically for school groups with a curriculum tailored to the marine sciences.
If you’re ready to meet a turtle and explore the wonders of our South Florida Beach Ecosystems, then Seek the MEEC and head on down to the Carpenter House Marine Environmental Education Center!

Our Mission

The mission of the Marine Environmental Education Center (MEEC) is to provide outstanding marine education, interactive learning, and research with a focus on endangered sea turtles. Our vision is to be a premier marine environmental education facility that engages residents and visitors by increasing conservation awareness and action in a way that ultimately results in greater protection of our marine and coastal environments.


MEEC at the Carpenter House  Broward Parks and Recreation

MEEC Videos

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