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Marine Geology

Course Numbers: OCOR - 5604

Marine Geology reviews key concepts of marine geology, as needed by marine biologists to understand the geomorphic setting they are working and to provide a general-knowledge background. Since it is graduate-level, students are required to enhance frontal classroom teaching by the instructor through research papers and their presentation on specialized subjects directly related to the taught material. The course also includes a one-day field experience in the Florida Keys (Date: TDB). Course material reviews planetary evolution, types of sediments and rocks, the reason for the existence of oceans and continents and the spatio-temporal dynamics of marine sedimentary and igneous processes. Numerous case-studies are used to illustrate concepts such a plate tectonics via island formation, and sedimentology via discussion of attractive sedimentary systems, such as coral reefs. Students will have a broad understanding of geological ocean dynamics and will be literate in present issues in the Earth Sciences.

Requirements for graduation from the course are: successful passing of a midterm and a final exam, production (written) and presentation (oral) of a research paper, participation in all classes and the field experience.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Students will have a clear overview of how ocean basins form and change in time.
  • They will understand the dynamics of the earth's crust and its importance for geomorphology and evolution.



Winter 2015 Syllabus

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