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Course Numbers: OCMB - 6420, MEVS - 5270, and CZMT - 0730

This seminar-style discussion course will address several aspects of fish, marine mammal, and sea turtle bycatch in marine fisheries, including a clear definition of the problem from both U.S. and global perspectives, examination of the various methods to reduce bycatch and bycatch mortality for a broad suite of fisheries, and the current research into fisheries bycatch reduction. Students will be provided with several seminal, peer-reviewed articles regarding the topic of the week and expected to come to class prepared to lead a discussion on each, if called upon.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • fisheries bycatch-related terms and definitions
  • the causes and sources of fisheries bycatch and bycatch mortality
  • be able to to identify parameters necessary to complete basic stock assessment modeling problems
  • knowledge of methods and current research into fisheries bycatch reduction methodologies


None required.

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