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Course Numbers: MAMC- 4612 and CZMT- 0780

This online course provides an overview of approaches and governance tools used in marine and coastal policy and management, with specific emphasis on the United States. Students will be exposed to basic precepts of public policy analysis. The course will examine relevant international, federal, and state marine and coastal policy programs and issues, incorporating current coastal policy issues.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of the course, students will be able to:

• Research and apply critical analyses to current coastal policy issues.
• Recognize, label and define common law, statutory, and regulatory concepts to conflicts or management issues within the coastal zone.
• Discuss the role of local, state and federal government agencies, citizens, developers, resource users, and other stakeholders (including non-governmental organizations or NGOs) in coastal zone conservation and management.
• Articulate and weigh the appropriate application of various legal and policy tools.
• Identify, describe, and discuss the key aspects of cutting edge coastal zone management problems (or opportunities) and management strategies from a contemporary cross- disciplinary perspective.
• Clearly organize and communicate the research and syntheses on coastal management and law in a professional conference-style visual presentation, as well as a long research paper and short policy brief.
• Analyze selected coastal zone management problems across the spectrum of legal and policy options or "tools" and be able to describe one or more potential resolutions to the problem, applying course knowledge of U.S. law and relevant coastal state coastal management laws or local ordinances.

Required Textbooks:

"Ocean and Coastal Law and Policy" by D.C. Baur, T. Eichenberg, and M. Sutton (Eds.) (ISBN-13: 978-1590319826)

“Policy Analysis: Concepts and Practice (4th Edition)” by D.L. Weimer and A.R. Vining (ISBN-13: 978-0131830011) 

Fall 2015 Syllabus

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