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Ecosystems Applications

Course Numbers: OCMB 5700   MEVS 5700   CZMT 5700

Ecosystem Applications allows the student to collect field data from several marine ecosystems, create a database using Microsoft Excel and Access, and learn how to organize their data for analysis using the statistical package R. Students will be required to participate in one weekend trip to Pigeon Key, Florida for data collection and one half-day sampling trip aboard a boat. Students will learn how to create a study design, employ it in the field while adjusting to conditions, and prepare their data for analysis. Students will learn how to utilize a variety of instruments to collect data. Students will also visit and learn marine and scientific operations of the R/V F.G. Walton Smith while at dock at the University of Miami’s Rosenthiel’s School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences. Students will have an understanding of how to design and undertake field collections, organize their data, and begin statistical analyses. Prerequisites: OCOR 5602 Lab fee: $450 ($350 PK, $100 boat)

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Describe the research questions with testable hypotheses.
  • Develop a study design and implement.
  • Record and manipulate data in spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel.
  • Create a database using Microsoft Access.
  • Organize data for statistical analysis with software R
  • Produce a presentation of proposed research design, implementation, data organization, and statistical analysis.

Suggested Texts

All materials will be provided by the instructor. No scientific diving will be required or utilized during this course. All data collection in the field will be done from boat or while snorkeling. Students will be required to have access to Microsoft software and a copy of the statistical program R (free public access). 

Winter 2016 Syllabus

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