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Geospatial Field Methods

Course Numbers: OCMB 4001, MEVS 4001, CZMT 4001, BMME 4001

This course teaches students to collect and georeference field observations, photos, and data for analysis and reports. Students are introduced to geospatial technology used for field data gathering and basic statistical techniques for analyzing data. The course consists of lecture, computer laboratory, student presentations and field trips for data collection. 

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Understand the use of a professional navigational-grade GPS unit
  • Apply essential GIS concepts to field studies
  • Use satellite and aerial imagery for geographic referencing
  • Understand geospatial mapping concepts including establishing transect lines, boundary lines and buffer, and ecosystem delineation
  • Apply basic statistical techniques to analyze field data
  • Develop expertise in the effective use of statistical and geospatial analysis in presentations and reports

Suggested Texts

  • Rite in the Rain field notebook
  • Various inexpensive apps for mobile devices, including Theodolite ($5.99) and Gaia GPS ($19.99) or comparable Android-based software
  • Selected Readings. Assignments are posted in Blackboard.


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