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Histology of Marine Organisms

Course Number: OCMB - 6510, BMME - 6760, and MEVS - 5520

This intensive course will examine the fine structure of marine organisms and range in focus from bacterial cells to fish tissue. Lectures and labs will be conducted to examine structure and function of tissue and cells of several marine groups. Light microscopy in conjunction with molecular methods for study of bacterial cells such as FISH (Fluorescence In-situ hybridization) will be discussed. Additionally, the complementary nature of cell and tissue imaging using light and electron microscopy will be examined. The lab portion of the course will follow the protocols discussed in lecture. Fixed and embedded blocks of student research specimens will be supplied and students will section and stain their samples for examination in the light microscope. Imaging and image capture methods including quantification of structural features using ImageJ will be conducted. Students will prepare their results for presentation and submit a term paper at the end of the semester.

Learning outcomes

The students will:

  • obtain an understanding of the relationship between structure and function of tissue and cells of marine organisms
  • obtain skills acquired for block sectioning and staining for light microscopy
  • gain knowledge required for use of the light and epi-floursecent microscope
  • use of techniques for collection of images and image processing including ImageJ
  • understand the relationship between histology and ultrastructure
  • give a formal presentation of histology research results



Fall 2015 Syllabus

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