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Course Numbers: OCMB-0999    MEVS- 5595     BMME-8058

This course will provide a thorough coverage of ichthyology, the study of fishes. The focus will be on the systematics of bony, cartilaginous and jawless fishes, both living and extinct. The anatomy of fishes will be detailed, followed by a multi-lecture series treating the major lineages of fishes. Lab exercises will involve anatomical study and taxonomy of extant fishes. Following systematic lectures key ecological aspects of fishes will be examined, including trophic ecology, growth and reproduction, and community structure. These ecological elements will be traced back to the evolution of major lineages to allow student understanding of why certain fish groups occur (or do not occur) where they do. In addition to in-lab work, students will gain experience in field sampling techniques around the Oceanographic Center in order to acquire fresh material for laboratory exercises.

Learning Outcomes

After taking this course, students will be familiar with the entire spectrum of fishes, from the first forms to the living lineages. Students will be able to diagnose any fish with respect to structure, systematic placement, and likely ecology. Through laboratory exercises, students will receive training in fish anatomy, taxonomy, trophic ecology, and reproductive ecology. 

Required Text

Fishes: A Guide to Their Diversity
Philip A. Hastings (Author), Harold Jack Walker Jr. (Author),Grantly R. Galland (Author)
Available worldwide
Paperback, 336 pages
ISBN: 9780520283534
January 2015

Suggested Supplementary Reading

Cailliet, GM, MS Love and AW Ebeling (1996) Fishes: A Field and laboratory Manual on Their Structure, Identification, and Natural History. Waveland Press. ISBN-10: 0881339086.

Wootton, RJ (1999) Ecology of Teleost Fishes, 2nd Ed. Springer. ISBN-10: 041264200X. Available in paperback.

Carrier, JC, JA Musick and MR Heithaus (2004) Biology of Sharks and Their Relatives. CRC Press. ISBN-10: 0849315145.

Nelson, JS (2006) Fishes of the World, 4th Ed. Wiley. ISBN-10: 0471250317.

Sale, PF (1993) The Ecology of Fishes on Coral Reefs.  Academic Press. ISBN-10: 0126151814.

Supplementary research papers highlighting specific aspects of fish ecology will be provided by the instructor.  

Winter 2016 Syllabus

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