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Intermediate Marine Fisheries Science

Course Numbers: OCMB  -  3660, CZMT - 0697, and MEVS - 5065

This course continues from the Introduction to Marine Fisheries Science course or like course with additional concepts and a greater emphasis on field- and laboratory-based exercises. Topics will include preparation and analytical techniques for morphometrics and meristics, diet composition, tracking technology, elasmobranch age and growth, and evaluation of fishing gear efficiency. Course will be taught with occasional guest lecturers and in a student team-based environment.

Pre-requisite: OCMB - 6350, CZMT - 0694, or MEVS - 5060.

Learning objectives

Students will:

  • be familiar with basic teleost and elasmobranch gross and skeletal anatomy
  • understand the techniques and analyses for diet composition studies
  • be exposed to the concepts and techniques for acoustic and satellite-based tracking of marine organisms
  • understand the techniques and analyses for elasmobranch ageing studies
  • gain experience working with data from recreational and commercial fisheries


None required

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