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Marine Biodiversity

Course Number: CZMT - 0685, OCMB - 6315, MEVS - 5107, and BCOR - 5560

Globally, biodiversity is being dramatically altered by human activities.  While many species remain undiscovered, and ecological roles of existing species poorly understood, the magnitude of the changes is difficult to evaluate.  This course will discuss multiple aspects of biodiversity including: the definition of biodiversity, threats to biodiversity, the role of biodiversity, and methods to study biodiversity, with an emphasis on marine conservation issues.  Management approaches such as marine protected areas, no take areas, and special management areas will be studied.

Learning Outcomes
  • Describe patterns in the distribution of biodiversity, the ways of measuring biodiversity and the different ways that biodiversity is measured.
  • Conceptualize and understand the major paradigms used to explain biodiversity and biogeography pattern(s), and how emerging studies are calling into question (or clarifying/redefining) long-held traditions and beliefs of what biodiversity is, how it is measure/managed
  • Understand the power of hypothetico‑deductive methods, and its application in pattern-process vs. process-pattern models of biodiversity
  • Understand and identify threats to biodiversity and what mechanisms are emerging to identify and manage biodiversity loss
  • Develop a detailed understanding of global, basin, regional, and local threats to environments  and the research and management actions needed to address loss of diversity
  • Understand major legislative and legal actions of governments and institutions that have been enacted to deal with threats to biodiversity.
  • Measure  the success/failure of current action strategies, such as Marine Protected Areas, by applying lessons learned and incorporation of emerging  methods and data sources

Hooked: Pirates, Poaching, And the Perfect Fish (Hardcover) G. Bruce Knecht. ISBN: 1594861102 (also available in paperback and ebook)

Fall 2016 Syllabus

Oceanography Library Course Guide

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