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Marine Physiology

Course Number: OCMB - 6095 and BMME - 8020

This course examines various aspects of the functional biology of marine animals, including physiology, feeding, locomotion, morphology, and sensory biology. Basic functional biology and physiological concepts will be taught, and then expanded upon to identify how animals have adapted to deal with major biological challenges found in the marine environment, such as pressure and temperature extremes, large salinity fluctuations, extremely low light levels, buoyancy, etc.

Learning outcomes

The students will:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the basic physiology and morphology of marine animals
  • evaluate the abilities of different marine groups to deal with anthropogenic changes in their environments
  • read and critically evaluate primary literature in the field
  • synthesize a body of literature on a topic and present an effective powerpoint summary of the topic


Willmer, P., Stone, G. & Johnston, I. (2004). Environmental Physiology of Animals. 2nd Ed. Massachusetts: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated. ISBN 1‐4051‐0724‐3

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