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Professional Development

Course Numbers: OCMB 9900, MEVS 5565, CZMT 0776, BMME 8059

Do you want to learn the skills needed to be successful in graduate school and beyond?
Are you not sure what you will do, or how to obtain your dream job after you finish your degree?  

This professional development class is designed to broaden the graduate student’s career prospective and develop competencies in communication (written and oral), leadership/management abilities, and skills related to job acquisition.  This class will benefit students at any stage of their graduate career or pursuing any degree type (capstone, thesis, dissertation).  

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  1. Gain and practice oral presentation skills using various techniques, for various lengths of time, to audiences with and without a scientific background.
  2. Learn how to create a poster presentation and website.
  3. Gain competency in Endnote (a bibliography software) and become familiar with how to search scientific databases for articles.
  4. Understand the process of writing a scientific manuscript (where to start, how to assign authorship order, how to determine if one deserves authorship, how to write the cover letter, how to format the article, where to send the manuscript, etc.).
  5. Learn how to write a scientific report.
  6. Gain and practice skills related to creating figures, graphs, tables.
  7. Understand what types of grants that are available to apply for, and how to write a grant.
  8. Learn what conferences are available, how to pay for them, what to expect, and why they are important.
  9. Learn how to effectively manage time, stress, and people.
  10. Gain and practice skills related to networking, interviewing, and writing their resume.
  11. Learn where to find job advertisements, how to apply for jobs, what jobs are available for the degree they are obtaining, and the qualities/skills various agencies (NGO, federal, academic, private, etc.) are wanting in their employees. 

Winter 2016 Syllabus

Professional Development Course Guide

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