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Malcolm Johnson (Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands)


As the fellow in the CNMI, Malcolm is working on the Luta/Talakhaya Revegetation Project, located on the island of Rota. The overall goal of her project is to improve the health of the Talakhaya watershed, including its streams and adjacent coral reef habitat, from land-based sources of pollution. His main activities include planting grasses and trees in the watershed, as well as assisting with monitoring of the stream and coastal water quality on Rota.

Malcolm’s projects include:

  • Collecting water samples, measuring stream flow, and analyzing the data to determine the impact of a 10-year revegetation project in the upper portion of the priority watershed. The samples are collected at regular intervals, as well as before, during, and after major rain events to compare water quality between streams.
  • Leading a native tree species study that looks to compare the resilience of nine indigenous tree species to both herbivory and natural stresses. Over the course of the year, the growth of each tree will be measured in order to provide recommendations for the future of the revegetation project.
  • Conducting socioeconomic monitoring through surveys, household interviews, and community meetings to provide insight for future projects associated with the Talakhaya watershed and to better inform the revision of the Conservation Action Plan.
  • decorativeReviewing the current Conservation Action Plan for the watershed, using the water analysis report and SEM-P information, to generate management recommendations and next steps for the plan. This includes hosting management meetings, conducting public outreach, and engaging in the watershed management planning process provided by the EPA.
  • Providing education and outreach for the “No Burning” campaign, which aims to stop the intentional setting of fires in the watershed, one of the primary causes of erosion.
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