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National Coral Reef Management Fellowship Program

Sabrina Woofter (American Samoa)

As the fellow for American Samoa, Woofter is working with local communities and governmental agencies to improve the health of the area’s coral reef ecosystems through the Coral Reef Advisory Group. Her project is focused on improving stormwater understanding and implementing best management practices in local communities to combat land-based sources of pollution. She also aims to improve climate change resilience by increasing local community awareness through the development of community resilience plans and the translation of outreach and education materials about climate change into the Samoan language.

Sabrina’s projects include:

Sabrina Woofter Projects

  • Installing a 600 square foot rain garden with Coral Reef Advisory Group staff and an environmental summer camp, held by Le Tausagi, a group of educators from local environmental agencies
  • At a 2016 summer camp, using a handmade watershed model to teach about 30 kids and 15 adults the basics of watersheds, stormwater runoff, and the importance of vegetation (like riparian buffers, wetlands, and rain gardens) regarding coral reef ecosystems
  • Installing dozens of raingardens with the help of local school children
  • Conducting stormwater and best management practice course at the Department of Youth and Women's Affairs, during which a rain garden will be installed at a local gymnasium

Sabrina Woofter Projects

  • Working with the American Samoa Community College's Samoan Studies Institute to create a Samoan/English Climate Change and Resiliency Glossary  
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