Commensal Amphipods - Anamixidae

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Key to Amphipods

Key to the Species of Anamixis (786Kb)

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Publication: Thomas, J.D. 1993. Identification Manual for the Marine Amphipoda: (Gammaridea) I. Common Coral Reef and Rocky Bottom Amphipods of South Florida. Florida Department of Environmental Protection:83 pp, figs. 1-101.

To download an electronic version of this key go to: Florida DEP bureau of labs website, click "Library" on the left side, click "Identification Keys", click on the file "Sflampds.pdf". An Adobe Acrobat reader will be downloaded if needed. The key can then be printed. This key does not yet contain hyperlinks for illustrations.

DELTA file for anamixidae

This is a DELTA file that contains character codings for the commensal amphipod family anamixidae. It is frequently updated and the file can be copied and used for research purposes. Right-click here to download the file.
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