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Dr. Jose V. Lopez
Associate Professor

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Jose V. Lopez began his biological science career with a BS in Biology at Georgia Tech. He then went on to concentrate in molecular biology for a MS degree under a National Academy of Science member, Dr. J. Herbert Taylor at Florida State University, studying changes in chromatin structure.

Dr. Lopez's next step was a move to the nexus of American biomedical research at
the National Institute of Health's main campus in Bethesda MD as a research
associate. Here, the spark of enquiry become fully ignited for a doctoral
degree with research to characterize jumping mitochondrial genomes (Numt) in
the cat family at Laboratory of Genomic Diversity, Frederick Cancer and
Research Development Center under the mentorship of Dr. Stephen J. O'Brien.
Dr. Lopez applied this doctoral training in molecular evolution towards marine
organisms in his subsequent postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Nancy Knowlton
(Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute) and assistant scientist position at
FAU-Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute. The thread that now runs through
current diverse research in the Lopez microbiology and genetics laboratory at
the Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center in Dania Beach FL, ties
together marine invertebrate-symbiosis, gene expression of interacting
organisms and complex communities, molecular biology and microbiology,
metagenomics and the molecular phylogeny of marine sponges.