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Coralpalooza- Celebrate World Ocean’s Day


June 4th, 2016

Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center Marina

8000 North Ocean Drive

Dania Beach, FL 33004

In celebration of World Oceans Day, Nova Southeastern University is partnering with the Coral Restoration Foundation for a day of outplanting the threatened Staghorn Coral to reefs across Florida. 

In 2006, Staghorn Coral was listed across its entire species range as threatened by the US Endangered Species Act.  In 2007, Nova Southeastern University in partnership with The Nature Conservancy, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Coral Restoration Foundation, Mote Marine Laboratory and University of Miami created a goal of restoring this species back to a sustainable level.


Together we have outplanted tens of thousands of Staghorn Corals on Florida Reefs.


Coralpalooza is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to be a part of restoring the threatened
Staghorn Coral and the reefs that depend on it back to a healthier state. 

We have partnered with a few local dive shops to provide this exciting experience. We will be diving off of Pompano Dive Center’s Sea Siren, and Dixie Divers have donated 40 tanks. The trip will start and finish at the NSU Oceanographic Center Marina where you will receive a pre-dive briefing and learn about the coral reefs of South Florida. More information will be sent to you after you register and closer to the date.

Dive 1: NSU’s Coral Nursery (25’)

Approximate dive time 45 minutes

During this dive you will work alongside NSU researchers to collect corals from the nursery.  Each team (lead by an NSU researcher) will be assigned corals to gather and carry up to the dive boat to take to the reef restoration site.



Dive 2 and 3: Reef Restoration Site (15’)

Approximate dive times 60 minutes


Once we arrive at the site we will quickly get the corals in the water.  Then you will help NSU researchers swim baskets of corals down to the restoration site in preparation for outplanting.




Once all the corals are safely on the bottom we will start to attach the corals to the reef by using nails, epoxy and cable ties.



Between the second and third dive we will take a snack/lunch break.


During the last dive we will complete the outplanting, making sure to double check that all corals are secure before we leave the bottom.



Register here

Coralpalooza Marketplace  

$120 per person

Includes a full day on the boat with three dives,

 $40 donation to NSU’s Coral Nursery Initiative and to help cover the cost of supplies for the day, and a once in a lifetime opportunity to help save a threatened coral.


**Dive gear is not included. If you need it please contact Pompano Dive Center or your favorite Dive shop**  

If you rent from Pompano Dive Center, they will bring the gear with them on the boat to NSU where we will be boarding the boat.

Dive Gear

Dive Certification Card

Sun protection


Thin dive gloves such as “Gorilla Gloves” to protect your hands from the corals


The boat will provide light snacks and beverages

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