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The Department of Mathematics, committed to excellence in teaching, service and innovative research, provides a student-centered program that equips the student with the mathematical skills to solve problems within the field of mathematics and other related disciplines. The Mathematics faculty work closely with students to create an engaging and exciting learning environment. Beyond the classroom, students can participate in programs and events designed to educate, promote and showcase mathematics and its research. 

The Mathematics faculty are active in various research areas. The faculty research in pure and applied mathematics has numerous applications and provides opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations. Undergraduates are encouraged to enhance their skills, understanding and knowledge through student research projects with faculty. The Mathematics Department also hosts various colloquiums, seminars and international conferences that are open to researchers and/or the general public.

Through a solid core of pure and applied math courses, the Bachelors of Science in Mathematics empowers the student with the analytical, abstract reasoning and critical thinking skills to enter a graduate program in mathematics or pursue a career in a STEM field, education, industry or business. To find out more about the Bachelors of Science in Mathematics or the mathematics minor select the respective link below 

Mathematics Major                                                                     Mathematics Minor

The applied statistics minor at the Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography equips the student with statistical methods that are widely used in science, social and behavioral sciences, business, health professions, and industry. The applied statistics minor is appropriate for all NSU students with interests in experimental design, data analysis, or statistical modeling. 

Applied Statistics Minor


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