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Conferences in China

Halmos College Assistant Dean Presents at Conferences in China

Matthew He, Ph.D., professor, and assistant dean at the NSU Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography, was a key participant in two prestigious conferences in Dalian, China, featuring scientists and researchers from around globe. The conferences were held April 25–29, 2016.

He hosted a keynote forum, chaired a special session on “Protein-Protein Interactions, DNS/RNA-Protein Interactions,” and presented an invited lecture titled “DNA Structures and Knot Theory” at BIT’s 9th Annual World Protein and Peptide Conference, which attracted more than 3,500 participants from 60 countries.

The conference, known as the most definitive protein and peptide event in Asia, offers multidisciplinary, informative, and cooperative platforms to professionals in this field.

He also chaired a special session titled “Bioinformatics, Computational and Statistical Genomics” and presented an invited lecture titled “Synergy between Biology and Mathematics: Past, Present, and Future,” at BIT’s 7th Annual World DNA and Genome Day 2016.

Under the theme “New Biotech Toward 2025,” the annual event promotes cutting-edge progress in the whole life science industries.

During both conferences, He met with scientists worldwide, including Arieh Warshel, Ph.D., an Israeli-American biochemist and biophysicist, professor at the University of Southern California, and the recipient of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work in theoretical chemistry and computer simulation of molecules.

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