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Biomedical Conference

Lectures at Biomedical Conference in Rome

Matthew He, Ph.D., professor and assistant dean at NSU’s Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography, gave an invited plenary lecture at the 2016 International Conference on Biology and Biomedical Engineering, held in Rome, Italy, November 5 to 7. The conference covered research topics ranging from discoveries in cell biology and genetics to space medicine and social dynamics.

He’s lecture, “Dynamics Between Biology and Mathematics: Past, Present, and Future,” discussed three phases of the interactions between biology and mathematics:

The Past: The Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals, Discovery of Genes, Biological Problems that Stimulated Mathematics, and 10 Equations that Changed Biology

The Present: Landscapes of Biological Sciences, Landscapes of Applied Mathematics, Landscapes of Research in Biology and Mathematics, and Bioinformatics of Mathematics: Theory, Methods, and Applications

The Future: Potential Problems, Meeting the Challenges: Education Across the Biological, Mathematical and Computer Sciences, A New Biology Curriculum for the 21st Century, and 10 Challenge Problems Between Biology and Mathematics

During the conference, He also discussed Bell Polynomials, their generalizations, and applications with his collaborators, professors Paolo E. Ricci (UniNettuno University) and Pierpaolo Natalini (University of Rome Tre), and further collaborated several new generalizations based on their 2009 co-publication, “Fourier Solution of the Dirichlet Problem for the Laplace and Helmholtz Equations in Starlike Domains.” He was also invited to give a lecture at the University of Rome Tre.

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