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A Novel Hands-On Way to Teach Introductory Statistics

Dragan Radulovic, Ph.D.
Professor of Statistics
Florida Atlantic University

ABSTRACT:  We plan to present the novel approach to teaching intro-Stat classes. This technique has been implemented at FAU for several years and based on a few thousand students, it was very well received. We greatly simplified the material by eliminating much of redundant and tedious computations by hand, as well as formula memorization. Instead, via Excel, we introduce the hands-on data analysis on real data. And we do this on the very first week! As the semester progresses, we add the necessary computer skills as well as Statistical tools; as needed. By the completion of semester, the students learn to effortlessly open and manipulate data files containing tens of thousands data point, to perform multiple regression as well as t-tests.

WHEN & WHERE: Tuesday, January 19 from 12:00-1:00 PM.  The location is TBD, but we hope that it will be in the Mailman-Hollywood Building Auditorium (2nd Floor) on the Main (Davie) Campus .  I will email if we hear that it will be in a different location.  We do start a few minutes after noon for those who have events that end at noon.

BIO:  Dr. Radulovic completed his Ph.D. at the University of Connecticut and subsequently, was appointed to a Post-Doc in Applied Mathematics at Princeton University until 2001. Learn more at

Here are the dates for the Winter 2016 MCS presentations so mark your calendars now!

  • Wednesday, February 3 at noon by Ricardo Carrera, Ph.D. from Nova Southeastern University
  • Thursday, February 18 at noon by Gnana Bhaskar Tenali, Ph.D. from Florida Institute of Technology
  • Tuesday, March 15 at noon speaker Jeffrey T. Neugebauer, Ph.D. from Eastern Kentucky University
  • Tuesday, March 29 at noon by Ryan C. Scolnik from Florida State University
  • Thursday, March 31 at noon by Muhammed Islam, Ph.D. from the University of Dayton
  • Tuesday, April 12 at noon by Ming-Liang Cai, Ph.D. from the University of Miami
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