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Effective Environmental Communication

Course Numbers: CZMT - 0100 and MAMC - 4100

Professionals in a wide range of disciplines need to be able to effectively and credibly communicate science and environmental issues in terms that can be clearly understood. This course will cover the spectrum of media available for communicating environmental and science information together with writing and speaking skills for media and other communication channels.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • recognize the importance of effective communication in various sitiiions
  • recognize that communication is a multi-faceted process
  • recognize that communication involves problem solving and decision making
  • recognize that speech is an important tool for thinking, learning, and communication
  • demonstrate that they can speak clearly and confidently in a variety of situations
  • recognize listening as an active, constructive process
  • recognize writing as a constructive, meaningful process
  • acquire the behaviors of effective writers
  • show that they can write confidently in a variety of formats
  • criticize and interpret visual information
  • demonstrate that they can enhance spoken and written presentations with appropriate visual, audio, multimedia, and other aids


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Cox, R. 2012. Environmental Communication and the Public Sphere 3rd ed. SAGE Publications. ISBN: 978-1412992091

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