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Internship in Coastal Zone Management

Course Numbers: CZMT - 0664

Students enrolled in this course are expected to invest the equivalent of 3 hours per week for 14 weeks (i.e. at least 42 hours) in their internship. This can be done at a research organization, private company or consulting firm; local, county, state or federal agency; or other approved venue that is related to coastal zone activities. In addition to hands ‐ on work, each intern will also keep an academic journal of internship activities. The journal will be submitted for review for the final grade. The student's supervisor at the internship venue will also evaluate the student.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to answer:

  1. How has your knowledge of coastal zone policy and/or management issue been broadened and deepened by this internship? What are three new ideas and concepts you learned on your internship that you did not know about the study of Coastal Policy? Do you see correspondence or contradictions between the accumulated body of facts and theories from your previous Coastal Policy courses and the "real" world as you experienced it in the internship? Explain. Can you cite specific concepts, assumptions, "established facts," prevailing views, and/or theories that have either been confirmed or disconfirmed in your experiences?
  2. List and describe the kinds of skills and techniques that you developed during your internship. Are there any skills that you improved such as enhancing your ability to analyze, gaining greater insight into coastal issue "politics", improving techniques of oral argument, presentation, and critique? How much writing and synthesizing of materials were required during your internship? Do you feel that the skills that you acquired can help you succeed after graduation in your profession of choice? In what ways has this internship enhanced your "job marketability?"
  3. In what ways has this experience enriched you personally? Have you learned more about yourself? How were your beliefs about coastal management or the science of coastal policy affected by this experience? In what one or two ways did you gain a greater understanding of the role and/or importance of coastal areas?

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