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Marine Mammals

Course Numbers: CZMT - 0990, MAMC - 4990, OCMB - 4900

This course discusses the physiology and behavioral aspects of many species throughout the world's oceans.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  1. Specific taxas of mammals and how they and their environments influence one another.
  2. Learning the various types of biological and oceanographic data related to a marine mammal to better understand how these organisms interact in their environment.
  3. Learn the different types of data collected directly from marine mammals and/or their environment will be processed and interpreted to help the students identify how to use data to answer ecological questions pertaining to marine mammals.

Textbook :

Annalisa, B., Sumich, JL., Kovacs, KM. 2005. Marine Mammals 2 nd ed. Academic Press.
ISBN: 978-0120885527

Jefferson, TA., Webber, MA., Pitman, RL. 2007. Marine Mammals of the World: A Comparative Guide to their Identification 1 st ed. Academic Press.
ISBN: 978-0123838537
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