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Climate Change: The Societal Perspective

Course Numbers: MAMC - 4450 and MCCC - 5350

The social consequences of a changing climate are numerous and have the potential to significantly alter human-livelihood and even create community conflict and unrest. In this course, which is one of the two required (core) courses for the Graduate Certificate in Marine and Coastal Climate Change, students will explore climate change from a social perspective. Where appropriate, the course will be explored in the context of the marine and coastal environment.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • how climate change will impact society
  • what measures can be taken to mitigate or adapt to climate change.
  • who is responsible and who is most vulnerable.
  • whether we should be actively trying to take control of the climate system in an effort to offset the effects of greenhouse gas emissions


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The Worldwatch Institute (2009). State of the world: Into a Warming world. Worldwatch Institute. 978-0-393-33418-0.  Alternatively the book can be found online here

Winter 2014 syllabus

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