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Marine Protected Areas

Course Numbers: CZMT - 0945, MAMC - 4945

This online course consists of several power point presentations with voice‐over as well as discussion topics and class interactive hypothetical scenarios. Lectures will address the logic of Marine Protected Areas (MPA) and their advantages and disadvantages. The science of MPA will be presented as well as an overview of traditional approaches to fisheries management. The importance of ecological principles when creating an MPA will be emphasized. An overview of sampling theory and need for empirical data to document the success or failure of MPA will be presented.

Students will:

  1. Understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of MPA as a fisheries management tool.
  2. Understanding of the hypothesis testing relative to creation and monitoring of an MPA.
  3. Understanding of various stakeholders and user groups of fisheries common use resources.

Textbook: None

Fall 2013 Syllabus

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