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David Kerstetter, Ph.D.

David Kerstetter
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Marine and Environmental Sciences
(954) 262-3664


  • B.A. - Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
  • M.S. - College of William & Mary
  • Master of Public Policy - College of William & Mary
  • Ph.D. - College of William & Mary

Area(s) of Research

Fisheries Biology, Gear Conservation Engineering, Fisheries Policy

Statement of teaching philosophy

Throughout all of my courses, I emphasize scientific thinking and the application of concepts over the simple memorization of facts.  Students who understand these concepts can then take them beyond the classroom and make connections between observed aspects of the biological world around them.  I expect students to prepare themselves for each class and to be inquisitive and participatory during lectures.  Conversely, they should expect me to be prepared regarding the material to be covered and to provide an engaging academic atmosphere that fosters discussion.  Many of my course assignments at both the graduate and undergraduate levels are group projects, which fosters teamwork and peer learning.

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View entire paper.

Pacheco, J.C., D.W. Kerstetter, F.H. Hazin, H. Hazin, R.S.S.L. Segundo, J.E. Graves, F. Carvalho, and P.E. Travassos. 2011. A comparison of circle hook and J hook performance in a western equatorial Atlantic Ocean pelagic longline fishery. Fisheries Research 107: 39-45. View entire paper.

Bayse, S.M. and D.W. Kerstetter. 2010. Assessing the bycatch reduction potential of variable strength hooks for pilot whales in the western North Atlantic pelagic longline fishery. Journal of the North Carolina Academy of Sciences 126(1): 6-14.

Kerstetter, D.W., E.S. Orbesen, D. Snodgrass, and E.D. Prince. 2009. Movements and habitat utilization of two longbill spearfish Tetrapturus pfleugeri in the eastern tropical South Atlantic Ocean. Bulletin of Marine Science 85(2): 173-182. View entire paper.

Serafy, J.E., D.W. Kerstetter, and P.H. Rice. 2009. Can circle hook use benefit billfishes? Fish and Fisheries 10: 132-142. View entire paper.

Kerstetter, D.W. and M.L. Taylor. 2008. Live release of a bigeye sand tiger Odontapsis noronhai (Elasmobranchii: Lamniformes) in the western North Atlantic ocean. Bulletin of Marine Science 83: 465-469. View entire paper.

Kerstetter, D.W. and J.E. Graves. 2008. Postrelease survival of sailfish caught by commercial pelagic longline gear in the southern Gulf of Mexico. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 28: 1578-1586. View entire paper

Kerstetter, D.W., P.H. Rice, D. Snodgrass, and E.D. Prince. 2008. Behavior of an escolar Lepidocybium flavobrunneum in the Windward Passage as determined by pop-up satellite archival tagging. Gulf and Caribbean Research 20: 97-102. View entire paper

Kerstetter, D.W. 2008. Measuring the length of a pelagic longline set: applications for management. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 28: 378-385. View entire paper.

Levesque, J.* and D.W. Kerstetter. 2007. First observations on the re-established southeast Florida recreational swordfish tournament fishery. Florida Scientist 70(3): 284-296.

Horodysky, A.Z., R. Latour, D.W. Kerstetter, and J.E. Graves. 2007. Habitat preferences and vertical movements of white marlin ( Tetrapturus albidus) tagged with short-duration pop-up archival satellite tags (PSATs) in the western North Atlantic Ocean. Fisheries Oceanography 16(3): 240-256. View entire paper.

Watson, J. and D.W. Kerstetter. 2006. Pelagic longline fishing gear: a brief history and discussion of research efforts to improve selectivity and sustainability. Marine Technology Society Journal 40(3): 5-10. View entire paper.

Kerstetter, D.W. and J.E. Graves. 2006. Effects of circle versus J-style hooks on target and non-target species in a pelagic longline fishery. Fisheries Research 80(3): 239-250. View entire paper.

Kerstetter, D.W. and J.E. Graves. 2006. Survival of white marlin (Tetrapturus albidus) released from commercial pelagic longline gear in the western North Atlantic. Fishery Bulletin 104(3): 434-444. View entire paper

Kerstetter, D.W., J. Polovina, and J.E. Graves. 2004. Evidence of shark predation and scavenging on fishes equipped with pop-up satellite archival tags. Fishery Bulletin 102(4): 750-756. View entire paper.

Kerstetter, D.W., B.E. Luckhurst, E.D. Prince, and J.E. Graves. 2003. Use of pop-up satellite archival tags to demonstrate survival of blue marlin ( Makaira nigricans) released from pelagic longline gear. Fishery Bulletin 101(4): 939-948. View entire paper.

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