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Student Profiles

Jeremy Kerr

Jeremy Kerr "I've always wanted to study and work with the ocean and be around the ocean. Science is a great way to travel and see these different areas and really get to understand why things are the way they are."

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Keri O'Neil

Keri O'Neil "Here at Nova I am studying the health of corals grown in a land-based nursery. Those corals are grown in an aquarium system to be used for research and restoration purposes."

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Abigail Renegar

Abby Renegar "My dissertation research builds on the foundations of MS and current research activities to further elucidate coral cellular stress response, tissue repair processes, early calcification and reproduction. Understanding the influence of anthropogenic environmental factors on coral health is essential in the prediction and management of future coral condition and growth."

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Mauricio Lopez

Mauricio Lopez "I definitely would like to encourage people to go out there and enjoy our reefs. In the end, they are live organisms, so give them space and respect, but definitely go out and enjoy."

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Paola Espitia

Paola Espitia "I work in the CRRAM lab and we study coral reef restoration just right here off Ft. Lauderdale. My particular project is working with soft corals like sea fans."

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Shara Teter

Shara Teter "I study how sharks are using their environment, their movement patterns, and their habitat use. We put satellite tags on sharks to learn that information."

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Sohail Khamesi

Sohail Khamesi "Together the recreational and commercial fisheries sector not only provides much business to the state but also provides many jobs. We’re all young here; we are all learning how to become scientists."

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