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Reproduction and Evolutionary Ecology - Fogarty (REEF)


Photo: Nicole FogartyNicole Fogarty, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

With the worldwide decline of coral reefs, it is crucial to understand how anthropogenic factors and reduced coral densities influence the reproductive success and recovery of this ecosystem.

Research Focus

My research focuses on ecological and evolutionary questions related to reproductive success of marine invertebrates. I am particularly interested in how density dependent mechanisms of reproduction will influence invertebrate population recovery, as well as spawning synchrony, reproductive isolation, and speciation I use a multidisciplinary approach of fieldwork, laboratory experiments, and molecular biology to answer questions related to coral reef ecology and marine speciation.

Research Activities

  • Fertilization Ecology
  • Larval Ecology
  • Coral Hybridization
  • Coral Reef Ecology
  • Marine Speciation
  • Molecular Biology

Contact Information

Nicole Fogarty, Ph.D.
Office #405; Laboratory: #420
(954) 262-3630

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