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Ichthyology Laboratory


Photo: Richard SpielerRichard Spieler, Ph.D.
Professor, Associate Dean of Academic Programs

"Numbers of fish species and fish populations are in decline locally and globally, yet fish are extremely important and key biologic, ecologic, and economic components of marine ecosystems all over the world. In order to best understand, conserve, and manage fish, it is critical to gain the most complete knowledge of the resources. This work of this laboratory involves study of many aspects of important fish species, both here in Florida and internationally."

Research Focus

Ichthyology involves the general field of fish biology. Research here covers both basic and applied aspects of the diverse fields of anatomy, physiology, ecology, and natural history of many fish with emphasis on those of coral reefs.

Research Activities

  • Vascular anatomy of fishes
  • Field assessment of fish diversity and abundance
  • Neurobiology and behavior of fishes
  • Yellow stingray biology
  • Artificial reef structure and function
  • Coral reef ecosystem restoration

Contact Information

Richard Spieler, Ph.D.
Forman #215
(954) 262-3613

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