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How to Get Involved

The Florida Climate Institute is calling on all students across our universities to create compelling videos on climate challenges that will promote understanding of impacts and inspire action!!  Several students are leaving soon for summer internships, jobs, and travel during which they may find compelling footage. Please get this information to them ASAP so their summer months can be used to create media that will inspire solutions and action…..and possibly win cash and exposure!

Please also see this 2-minute video about this weekend’s Climate March in DC –inspiring.  

The Challenge:

  • Form an interdisciplinary/creative team (min. 2 disciplines) to address climate-related challenges and solutions
  • Illustrate how science informs solutions but communicate a story in a new/novel way (look at what is currently out there!)
  • Show evidence of the challenge and the significance of the challenge to society
  • Explain how adaptation and/or mitigation strategies will help society and better lives in a way that a non-scientist would fully understand. Potential audiences would include civic leaders, public health professionals, environmental advocates, neighborhood associations, developers, residential property owners, industries/polluters, teachers in grade school, middle or high school, engineers and architects, professional organizations

The Timetable:

  • Each participating FCI university will hold a campus-wide event in late September. Contact your FCI representative directly for local event info at  
  • The winning work from each local campus event will be entered into a statewide competition during a high tide event in October (7-9). More info will follow on this.
  • The winners from the statewide competition will receive cash prizes and be able to show their work at the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Compact Summit December 14-16 in West Palm Beach.   
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