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Organizations and Resources

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Professional Organizations



University Clubs and Organizations with Faculty Advisors from the Department of Biological Sciences

American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) – Student Chapter – Advisor, Dr. Emily Schmitt 

ASBMB is devoted to building a national community of undergraduate students and faculty members for the advancement of biochemistry and molecular biology research, education and science outreach. The Society’s mission is to provide networking and career-development opportunities at regional and national levels, access to research and science outreach, as well as grants and awards to facilitate these aims.

Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) – Advisor: Dr. Omar Eldakar 

HOSA is an organization that prepares students for health professions by enriching our members with responsibility, information regarding the medical field and leadership skills. Events that past HOSA members have sponsored or done are raise money for certain diseases, run blood drives, gain medical field internships and prepare our members for national and regional HOSA competitions. These competitions have given our members a chance to receive awards and scholarships. There are a fundamental amount of qualities and objectives that one can acquire by joining HOSA. This includes long term friendships, preparation for the future and aspiration to be the best that one can be.

Junior Peds – Undergraduate Pediatric Club – Advisor: Dr. Mir Saleem 

A Pre-Professional health organization for undergraduate students pursuing all kinds of health professions related to Pediatrics. The purpose of this organization is to help undergraduate students pursuing a career in pediatric medicine become more involved and aware of what the position entails. Through various volunteer opportunities, discussions with physicians and patients, and working closely with the Graduate Pediatrics club; the members of this club will hopefully get a sense of direction as to what specific pediatric field they would like to pursue, and how to make themselves better candidates when applying into Graduate School. In addition, hopefully some way can be found to help set up the students in the club with volunteering and shadowing opportunities. Through shaping medical professionals and helping children, this club hopes to leave its mark at Nova Southeastern University and touch the hearts of many children.

Medicine Education and Development for Low Income Families Everywhere (MEDLIFE) – Advisor: Dr. Mir Saleem 

Our mission is to help families achieve greater freedom from the constraints of poverty, empowering them to live healthier lives. Our patients did not choose to be poor, but they have chosen to strive toward a better life; MEDLIFE stands beside them in this pursuit. We aim to achieve this goal through partnering with motivated individuals in poor communities working to improve their access to MEDs: Medicine, Education and community Development. MEDLIFE believes access to quality healthcare is a basic human right. To this end, we commit our time, resources, knowledge and hope to bring Medicine, Education and Development to Low Income Families Everywhere. MEDLIFE believes that in order to improve the overall health and welfare of families and communities in need, a comprehensive approach is needed. With this goal in mind, MEDLIFE seeks to deliver aid through three broad avenues: Medicine, Education, and Development.

Multicultural Association for Pre-Health – Advisor: Dr. Deanne Roopnarine

The Multicultural Association of Pre-Health Students (M.A.P.S.) is an organization that serves to enhance the placement of pre-health students into all health care fields through the provision of professional networking, development, as well as exploration opportunities to aid in the preparation of members for professional health programs. Our nature as a multicultural organization means that we remain socially conscious of the cultural disparities in the medical profession and health care that unfortunately still exist today. Our goal is to provide knowledge, skills, and experience for pre-health students who have aspirations of entering a health related profession.

Nature Club – Advisor: Dr. Paul Arena 

Nature Club is an organization that promotes green choices on campus and is all about getting students out into nature. Nature Club is dedicated to making NSU's campus and community more aware of Florida's native flora and fauna through education and hand on experience in hiking, snorkeling, and camping. Members of Nature Club enjoy things such as our annual turtle release, beach clean-up, invasive species removal, BBQ's, and so much more. Nature Clubs mission is to educate the campus and the community about the environment. Nature Club strives to help protect the environment through volunteer work with other environmental agencies, animal protection, and activist organizations, doing research and different events on campus. Above all, Nature Clubs goal is to preserve our environment and protect wildlife by awareness through education, so that others may be empowered to do the same.

Pre-Dental – Advisor: Dr. Mark Jaffe and Dr. Katie Crump 

Our objective is to familiarize students with the various specialties within the field of dentistry and to provide them with helpful knowledge and resources. We are aimed at helping students to become better applicants when applying to dental school. The NSU Pre-Dental Society is an undergraduate organization directed towards helping you get into Dental School.

Pre-Medical Society – Advisors: Dr. Mark Jaffe and Dr. Deanne Roopnarine 

The mission of the Pre-Medical Society at Nova Southeastern University is to benefit ourselves as a group, educationally and socially, by involving every member in as many medically-oriented opportunities as possible and to assist in each student's journey toward an esteemed profession in the medical field. The mission of the Pre-Medical Society at Nova Southeastern University is to benefit ourselves as a group, educationally and socially, by involving every member in as many medically-oriented opportunities as possible and to assist in each student's journey toward an esteemed profession in the medical field.

Pre-Student of Osteopathic Medicine Association (Pre-SOMA) – Advisor: Dr. Mark Jaffe 

Pre-SOMA is the only undergraduate pre-medical organization focused exclusively on Osteopathic medicine and directly affiliated with the Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA) and the American Osteopathic Association (AOA). To promote osteopathic medicine, its philosophy and ideals, and to create an environment for undergraduate students interested in medicine to learn more about the profession.

Public Health Education and Outreach – Advisor: Dr. Aarti Raja

NSU Public Health and Education Outreach Club (PHEO) is an organization for NSU students interested in a career in the fields of health care or public health. The goal of this organization is to educate its members and other students at NSU about the field of public health, what constitutes public health, how it affects our lives every day and how we can contribute towards it. The organization will also work with our local community to educate and improve our community’s overall health. Members of PHEO will strive to educate the NSU student body and Broward County on how to live a healthy lifestyle through inviting guest speakers to the NSU campus and having yearly events such as health fairs, and other community outreach events. The purpose of PHEO is to educate the NSU student population on how to live a healthy lifestyle, as well as the Broward County community. This organization will also educate its members on the field of public health and the opportunities that this field holds.

Student Research Society Outreach – Advisor: Dr. Santanu De 

Student Research Society (SRS) works to connect students with research on NSU’s campus and beyond. The group helps students connect with researchers and develop the skills needed for research. SRS also assists students in learning about research workshops and conferences.

Tri-Beta National Biological Honors Society (Rho Rho Chapter) – Advisor: Dr. Aarti Raja 

Beta Beta Beta is a National Honor society specifically for biology majors . The mission of Tri-Beta is to promote scientific research and interest in the many fields of biology. Improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research.

Students have been published in the National Tri-Beta Journal, Bios

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