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Pre-Health Professions

Health professional schools often require specific courses in addition to those in the biology major at the College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography. As minimum academic requirements vary by program and by school, the college does not prescribe specializations for students to complete. Instead, students may use the Nova Southeastern University Health Professions Division (HPD) program requirements as a general guide to determine graduate school prerequisites. For admission into HPD programs, students must achieve a C or higher in all coursework within that specialization. Requirements may vary and specific graduate programs may call for additional courses in writing, math, social and behavioral sciences, and the humanities.

Students are strongly encouraged to consult faculty members and academic advisors to discuss their curriculum plan. In addition, it is recommended that students review Web sites of those professional schools for which an application is being considered. This review should take place early and often during the academic course of study.

Listed below are Web site links to the entrance requirements of NSU's HPD programs:

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